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List of Benefits for Affiliates and Publishers

DFF has developed the easiest shopping content javascript code in the affiliate industry. DFF's javascripts are only 1 line and template based driven. Affiliates can customize the look and feel of each banner / shopping content to best match their site.


DFF's other tools using other technologies such as PHP / ASP / JSP are also easy to use and most of them require only 1 line of code.

Even though does not have access to see how much an affiliate has earned in commission, we are able to report traffic / click-throughs we have generated using tools.

Our report is an aggregated / combined data set from all affiliate networks / merchants. This report will save you time from having to check performance information from multiple affiliate networks.

DFF understands that your website space is very valuable. We have prepared some very useful and high-converting banners for affiliates to use their current available web page space.

To make sure it is easy for our affiliates to use our banners, we have created them based on internet standard banner sizes. Please click on the examples below to see our sample banners for each banner type:


- LeaderBoard + Tabbed (728x90)
- Horizontal Banner (468x60)
- Medium Rectangle (300x250)
- Large Rectangle (336x280)
- Wide SkyScraper (160x600)


Aside from comparing prices by using keyword searches or category browsing, there is also a need to do a price comparison search for a specific product. DFF always makes sure the products being compared are the same, guaranteeing apple-to-apple product price comparison.


In order to perform this type of product price comparison, you must first know the DFF product SKU#, you can use DFF's product finder tool to locate the DFF product SKU.


Here is an example of DFF's product price comparison page: Click Here

DFF is the internet's first price comparison shopping search engine javascript / XML tool to use 100% affiliate industry merchants.

Our price comparison search engine is very flexible and easy to use. You can pass the following parameters into the engine to control its output: Search Keyword, Merchant (store) #, Category #, Price Range and Sorting Method.

You can receive output from our price comparison search engine in HTML javascript and XML.


DFF is the internet's first price comparison search engine with 100% of the data based on merchants from the affiliate industry. Other companies have tried to provide a similar price comparison feature, but most of them are lacking the much needed internal core product database. The core product database is our own human edited product database used to make sure products are the same and apple-to-apple when performing price comparison searches.


Our price search engine is very flexible. It is capable of using a specific input for a particular Merchant Number (shop by store), Manufacturer Number (shop by brand), Category Number (shop by category), Price Range and Sorting methods. It is also capable of displaying products using Grid View, List View and Text View.

DFF has categorized most of our merchants' products into categories. These categories are useful when a visitor to an affiliate website is not sure what to search for and decides to browse through the categories instead.

DFF's categories are 3 levels deep ( first level / second level / third level ). Each level has been given its own unique category number. DFF's full list of categories with its numbers can be found here: TAB delimited text file or XLS Excel format.

DFF provides useful shopping content for listing rebates/coupons/deals. Our rebates and online coupon tool is available in 1-line javascript, PHP and XML formats.

Our Rebates and Online Coupon tool lists deals and online coupons from most of our participating merchants daily. Depending on the merchant, we import their rebate and online coupons information automatically every day or type them in manually if we have to.

If you would like to display products / services only from a specific merchant, DFF has a very good page capable of providing such content. However, you need to know the Merchant Number of the merchant/store you will be displaying the products for. Use our merchant number finder tool to find the merchant number (MerNum).

For a sample of displaying all TigerDirect products: Click Here.

Sometimes there is a need to only display products from a specific manufacturer / name brand. DFF is able to deliver shopping content strictly based on specifc manufacturers. However, you do need to know the corresponding manufacturer number (mfgnum) for the specific manufacturer or name brand you would like to use.

You can find out the manufacturer number by using our Manufacturer Number Finder tool.

For an example of showing all products from the manufacturer Apple: Click Here.

DFF understands that most affiliate websites are focused on a certain subject or topic. Because of this, we believe it is important to be able to control which Merchant / Store you wish to display and which you do not want to display. Since affiliates are approved by the merchants and not DFF, it is very unlikely that all affiliates will be approved by every one of DFF's participating merchants.

Once an affiliate joins DFF, they will be given a login and password to our Affiliate Control Panel (ACP). From there, affiliates can apply, select and deselect certain merchant(s). has created a full featured price comparison shopping engine that took 5 experienced programmers 1.5 years to create, not to mention the hundreds of human labor hours spent identifying and categorizing products. has a total of approximately 37 million products as of today (4/27/2009). About 6 million have been identified and normalized with UPC / ISBN, have proper descriptions and product pictures.

In order for an affiliate to re-create the DFF tool and provide a similar shopping functionality, the affiliate would need at least 6 high-end servers, 2 years of development time and hundreds of hours organizing product information, not to mention the daily routine updates.

DFF has provided example scripts for webmasters / programmers in order to make sure our XML data delivery technology will be used properly. DFF provides these example in the three most popular dynamic website scripting languages PHP, JSP and ASP. We would like to make sure affiliates spend the least amount of time on code while being able to implement the best content on their website.

For more advanced affiliates / webmasters, DFF can deliver shopping related data in XML standard format. This allows affiliates to display and fully customize the look and feel of their web site.

DFF has no control once XML data has been delivered and therefore we can not control the 4th click. Due to this limitation, we can only delivery data where the merchant / online store has participated in our 'Sponsored Merchant' program.

DFF XML web services is not available for Prospect and Shared Commission Merchants.

DFF's XML data delivery tool is available for our Price Comparison Search Engine, Compare Price Engine and Rebate/Coupon/Deal Engine.

See the XML web services output example here.

Also see: Affiliate FAQ | Merchants Benefits Suggest New Feature