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We have worked hard to make sure our shopping tools is the best in the affiliate industry.
We know our work is never done, there is always room for improvements.
That is why we always would like to hear from you and hear from the news media.

Here are some news articles about from recognized organizations or websites:

"... has some added cool features. For example, they have interactive shopping banners, similar to Chitika . Looks like tons of merchants and networks are featured ..."
Linda Buquet - 5 Star Affiliate Programs - 5/17/2006 "... Having compared similar sites that offer similar technology, I found Datafeed File to be head and shoulders above the rest. This site is an indispensible tool for the serious affiliate marketer and will easily help you increase your profits and sales ..."
Jinger Jarrett - - 5/31/2006
"... 'Data Feed File' beta is going to launch in the middle of June ..."
Mike M - - 5/31/2006
KIWANA BLOG "... seems to have a rather extensive offering of services with data feeds available in Javascript, XML, XML + PHP, PHP Static Output in Plain HTML and the additional slew of slew of ala-Chitika interactive shopping banners. ..."
Kiwana Blogger - - 6/14/2006 Blog "... I actually thought of this idea a while ago. Which is why I bought and have been holding onto the domain They are basically creating a contextual ad service that serves ads to products with your affiliate link ..."
Stephan Miller - - 6/14/2006
Affilipedia Data Feed Automation "... Working with product data feed files from different merchants and affiliate networks are often very tedious and require programming skills. For those webmaster who are less inclined towards programming, there are 3rd party solutions such as ( and ( which provides javascript tools to display aggregated data from multiple merchants. Their tools are very easy to use and integrate into affiliates' websites. ..."
Wiki - - 6/14/2006
Data Feed Display Tools Roundup - ReveNews - Brook Schaaf "... Data feed display tools are software tools that turn product data feeds into web sites. Under Who? Where? link to Andrew Nurcahya's : ..."
ReveNews Blog Article - - 7/18/2006
Revenue Today Affiliate Magazine - New Tools " was featured under the New Tools section of July 2006 Revenue Today magazine."
Revenue Today Magazine - - July 2006
Affiliates and Merchants Reap the Benefits of New Online Tools "Merchants can now extend their reach to include thousands of affiliates, and affiliates can offer a sophisticated price comparison shopping search engine on their websites by plugging into a sophisticated online merchant-affiliate system..." - - August 21 2006