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June 15, 2006 - Press Release provides Price Comparison Shopping Tools for Affiliate Industry

Affiliate web sites can now integrate price comparison shopping engine on their web site.

Houston, TX ( ) June 15, 2006 - introduces shopping tools to assist affiliates and merchants offer better shopping content and generate more sales in the affiliate industry. tools are available at using Javascript, PHP remote execution and XML web service technologies.

Delivering a full featured price comparison shopping engine for any affiliate to use has never been done until now. tools enable affiliates to provide shopping by keyword, shop by store, shop by brand, shop by category and shop by rebates/deals/coupons. also pioneers revolutionary the usage of new technologies such as PHP remote execution and real-time XML web services in the affiliate industry. tools enables affiliates and shoppers to search through 25+ millions of products from up to 650+ merchants. Data feed files from merchants are updated at least once per day and updates reflected on affiliates' web site instantly. with its parent company,, has been the leader for consolidating data feed files from hundreds of merchants across many affiliate networks. Providing these tools to the affiliate marketing community will increase shopping content quality of affiliate web sites which translates to better conversion and more sales.

Merchant benefits:

Upload only one data feed
Recruit and serve thousands of affiliates
Make your data feed updates immediately usable
Attract and recruit more affiliates
Increase conversion and sales
Detailed reporting

Affiliates benefits:

No data feed file download needed
Automatic data updates at least once per day
No extra server or hardware needed
DFF scripts and tools are very easy to use
DFF tools look & feel can be customized using CSS
Integrate in less than 5 minutes
Contextual Matching & Rotating Product Banners
Full featured price comparison search engine
Shop using Rebates and Coupons
Shop by Store, Brand and Category
Most Popular Products for each category
Most Popular Search Keywords

The entire affiliate industry which mainly promotes CPA (cost per action) or performance based marketing can now enjoy using the best price comparison shopping tool to increase market share against CPC (cost per click) type marketing.

For more information about's tools and services, please visit

June 1, 2006 - Pre-Release

The usage of data feed file amongst the affiliate industry has increased rapidly. However many affiliates are still having difficulties using data feed files due to its tedious integration process. Some of the challenges affiliates are facing includes programming skill, server and hardware resources, steep learning curve and extra time. Spending time integrating data feed file usualy means time taken away from providing unique affiliate website content.

While individual merchant can provide technical support for their own data feed tools for affiliates, their tools are written only for that specific merchant. Therefore affiliates must learn and integrate data feed tediously one by one. scripts display aggregated data from up to 1000+ merchants. Affiliates can choose to only display certain merchant's program or data only. Being capable of displaying consolidated data allow affiliates more flexibilties to provide advanced shopping contents such as price comparison shopping, rebates, coupons, deals and interative banners. can deliver these data using many different technology such as javascript, XML, PHP+XML, ASP+XML, CGI+XML and much more. is leading the way for our affiliate industry by providing a very valuable tool beneficial for both affiliates, merchants and affiliate networks. Our tools naturaly increase the quality of shopping content for most affiliate sites, therefore increasing traffic, click-throughs and sales. is free for all affiliates and merchants to use. We never charge affiliates any monies to use our tools. receives compensation by substituting 1 out of every 4 click-throughs with our own affiliate ID (for non sponsored merchant). Merchants can participate for free, but we recommend merchants who would like to attract more affiliates to use our data feed to upgrade to "Sponsored Merchant" program, which means their product links and click-throughs will never be substituted by DFF's affiliate ID (affiliates will receive 100% compensation). is currently in beta testing. Our tools and scripts are ready to use. Merchants and affiliates are encouraged to sign-up and start using our data feed tools.

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