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For your convenience we have created this sample website to demonstrate all of DFF's shopping tools in real-time.

The following examples are implementation of Shopping Tools, javascripts, XML and Banners using a variety of technologies.

  Select the technology that is suitable with your website by clicking on the menu links above.  

Comparison Shopping Tools Integration Examples for Affiliates

The following examples are provided to demonstrate the capabilities of DataFeedFile.com's shopping tools.

DFF provide a wide range of data feed file content delivery to serve different needs of many different types of affiliate websites and level of programming skills.

The examples below has been organized based on the feature followed by different technology methods that can be used for that feature.
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Benefits for Affiliates
Benefits for Merchants

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Shopping Tools

Price Search Engine
Price search engine is the most complete implementation on online shopping. It contain of sophisticated keyword searching and ...
See example in: JavaScript, PHP, ASP, JSP, Ruby, Python

Raw data delivery: XML: XML, XML + PHP, XML + JSP, XML + ASP
Shop By Store, Brand & Category
It is an easy step to enhance your website browsing experience. With our one line JavaScript implementation ...
Shop By Store example in: JavaScript, PHP, XML, JSON, +PHP, +JSP, +ASP
Shop By Brand example in: JavaScript, PHP, XML, JSON, +PHP, +JSP, +ASP
Shop By Category example in: JavaScript, PHP, XML, JSON, +PHP, +JSP, +ASP
Product Price Comparison
Put Comparison Shopping on your site.
See example in: JavaScript, PHP, XML, JSON, +PHP, +JSP, +ASP
Rebates / Coupons / Deals
Smart buyer always looking for deals before making a purchase decision. That's why adding rebate page to your website give a very useful information for your customer ...
See example in: JavaScript, PHP, XML, RSS, +PHP, +JSP, +ASP
Search Bar or Search Box
Adding a Search Bar or Search Box is easily done using plain HTML. You can put DFF search bar / box anywhere on your site.

Comparison Banners

Rectangular / Square Banners
Mini price comparison banner is 336 x 280 pixels rectangular banner with multiple tabs such as buying info that contain price comparison from lowest price merchants, product description, and keyword search engine. It work by it self just like the shopping tools
Horizontal Banners
Many times web page real estate is very precious, you can only spare some typical horizontal banner spaces... no problem, we can accommodate. DFF's horizontal banners are packed with good useful shopping contents.
Horizontal Banner 468 x 60 (JavaScript only)
LeaderBoard Banners
Make a big impact on the top of your web pages. DFF's leaderboard banner catches shoppers' attention without being annoying.
LeaderBoard Tabbed Banner 728 x 90 (JavaScript only)
LeaderBoard Banner 728 x 90 (JavaScript only)
Only have space on your side bars? That is no excuse. We can help you put good shopping content, even in vertical.
Skyscraper 160 x 600 (JavaScript only)

Product Banners

Merchant Specific - JavaScript Banners
In case you wanted to display products or services from a specific merchant only, we have provided the same types of banners to display individual merchant products.
To use these merchant specific banners, you must know the MERNUM (merchant number) and MERSKU (merchant product sku) you will be displaying.

Advertisement Banners

Multiple Merchants Advertisement Banners Rotator
Advertisement banners are added by the Affiliate Managers of each appropriate Merchant / Store.
Using DFF Ads Banners rotator, you can be sure advertisement banners are always fresh and updated. Eliminate expired banners, you do not have to keep getting new banners. Simply set the banner size + options, integrate the javascript and forget it!

Here are ad banner sizes DFF supports:
  • 728 x 90    :    Leaderboard
  • 468 x 60    :    Horizontal Full Banner
  • 125 x 125    :    Square Button
  • 300 x 250    :    Medium Rectangle
  • 250 x 250    :    Square
  • 336 x 280    :    Large Rectangle
  • 180 x 150    :    Rectangle
  • 240 x 240    :    Square
  • 120 x 240    :    Vertical Banner
  • 120 x 600    :    Skyscraper


Category Menu
To show categories of products from the merchants that an affiliate is affiliated with. This will save affiliates' time that constantly creating their own menus.

Styles of category menu: Text, List, List+, and Grid.
Merchant Menu
To show list of merchants that an affiliate is affiliated with. This will save affiliates' time that constantly creating their own lists of merchant.

Styles of merchant menu: Text, List, and Grid.
Rebates/Coupons/Deals Menu
To show list of merchants with Rebates/Coupons/Deals that an affiliate is affiliated with. This will allow a proper navigation for Rebates/Coupons/Deals.

Styles of Deals Menu: Text, List, and Grid.

PHP Shopping Tools

PHP Shopping Tools - (PHP data feed integration as easy as JavaScript but SEO friendly)
If your website is capable of running PHP code, you can tap into our search functionalities with remote PHP includes. A single line of PHP code will enable your visitors to browse for, search in, and buy from the consolidated pool of all products offered by the merchants you have selected, with minimum development time from you.

XML Web Services / API

xml price compare api web service data feed file
XML web services / Programming API
If you think you are good enough and think you can produce better banners and user interfaces, please use our XML services / API to get the raw XML data from our Sponsored Merchants.

JSON Web Services / API

JSON price compare api web service data feed file
JSON web services / Programming API
JSON data delivery is similar to XML, however JSON is more compact and easier to encode / decode without character encoding conflicts problem of XML feeds. We recommend using JSON over XML. The data content between JSON and XML are similar.

Product Data Feed Download

downloadable product database upc ean isbn data feed
Product Data Feed Download
DataFeedFile.com provide 3 types of downloadable product data feeds. Data feeds contains DFF's Product SKU database which includes product name, description, UPC / EAN / GTIN, ISBN, manufacturer name, part number, model/series, etc.

SEO Scripts & Miscellaneous

SEO Scripts & Miscellaneous
These scripts will help some affiliates create better web sites, but these scripts are not large enough to be considered a full script/tool or have different functionalities such as SEO (search engine optimization) site maps, page titles and subdomain routing.
  • Page Titles - PHP include script that returns page title description keywords.
    (coming soon)
  • Subdomain Routing - Subdomain routing allow your site to show different web pages using the URL hostname/subdomain names.
  • Site Map - Scripts to display HTML sitemap pages or generate text file containing list of URL to be imported for sitemap generator programs.
  • Merchant List Here - A good follow up link after "Powered by DFF" or "Advertise Here" link. Displays DFF pitch for merchants to participate with DFF, it can also list current merchant advertising on your site using DFF service.

DFF Sample Website

Our Official Example Website
For your convenience we have created a sample website to demonstrate all of our shopping tools in real-time. Below each sample you will find the actual JavaScript or instructions used to generate the result.

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