Product SKUs data feed download

Downloading DFF's Product SKUs (data feed or database of products with unique UPC / EAN / ISBN).

We have a downloadable product sku data feed for advanced programmers who would like to have their own database of products downloadable via FTP.
There are 3 types of Product SKU data feed downloads: minimal, complete, and complete + price comparison.

See DFF Product SKU data feed download at

Aggregated DataFeed File Download (ADD) - raw data (per Participating merchant only) just as our name says provide datafeed file solutions which include downloading facility for affiliates to obtain Merchants / Stores product datafeed files.

DFF datafeed file download concept is different from other solutions because we AGGREGATE multiple merchants datafeed file into one single file with one single format. By standardizing this format and putting all the datafeed into one file we have simplified the importing process for affiliates.

Affiliates can download a single file datafeed for FREE from their ACP (affiliate control panel).

ADD (aggregated datafeed file) download is a separate (a la carte) service paid by the merchants. Not all merchants have enrolled and paid for this service.
If your merchant is not listed below, you should contact and ask the Affiliate Manager to participate with DFF ADD program.

List of Merchants participating with Aggregated DataFeed Download:

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