XML : Top Search Keywords (most popular within 24 hours)

Wiki Documentation + list of parameters

This XML web service will return a XML formatted array of up to 100 most popular search keywords used by shoppers during the last 24 hours. Each search keyword will include Ranking, Number of Occurences and Search Keyword itself.


This XML example demonstrate the XML data feed web services provided by DataFeedFile.com

Affiliate ID:        

Request Variables

In order for you to get XML data feed, there are some request variables that you need to submit to Datafeedfile.com XML Web Services. Here is list of variable that you need to specify when requesting a XML data feeds.
affidYAffiliate ID, is a unique identifier number for each DFF affiliate account
dfftokenYYour unique DFF Token. Generate this unique DFF Token string of characters from your Affiliate Control Panel > Settings > DFF Token.
sortNControls the ordering of the array returned. Options are 'asc' rank ascending (default), 'desc' rank descending, 'random' any order.
limitNLimits the number of search keywords array elements returned. By default limit is set to 20 when nothing is specified. Maximum limit is 100.


1. Please make sure your XML access DFF Token is ACTIVE. To activate and generate token you must login and go to Settings > DFF Token.

2. Set the Requesting IP address of the computer / server / client that will be used to make the query. Set IP at Settings > DFF Token.

3. Generate dfftoken variable. You must go to Settings > DFF Token to generate an XML access DFF Token token and use this in the dfftoken variable.

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