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RSS : RSS Feed for Merchants / Stores List

You can now pull your Merchants / Stores list using RSS feed format.

The information obtained using this RSS feed generator will be Real-Time, it queries the database everytime.

It will only query for Merchants / Stores you have relationship with, but may not be all ACTIVE status. The result will include all statuses Pending, Active and Denied.

RSS is a very robust and well used standard, that is the reason why we created this RSS feed for you. You may use it for whatever purpose you need.


RSS Feeds Requirements

1. Please make sure your XML Access DFF Token is ACTIVE. To activate and generate token you must login and go to Settings > XML.

2. Generate dfftoken variable. You must go to Settings > XML to generate an XML Access DFF token and use this in the dfftoken variable.

3. Specify your AFFID in the query string. AFFID is your affiliate number assigned by DataFeedFile.com (your account number as an affiliate).

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