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How to use for Affiliates

Introduction (DFF) is a script or tool provider for affiliates. DFF is NOT an affiliate network. DFF creates price comparison shopping tools that uses your DIRECT relationship with each Affiliate Network / Merchants. DFF tools will send click-throughs using links provided by the appropriate affiliate networks. Click-throughs will be tracked by the affiliate network and commission will be paid by the affiliate network. Simply put, DFF is just a 3rd party tool provider.

Step by Step guide to get started
Since DFF relies on tracking by affiliate networks, Affiliates need to make sure all the necessary arrangements and relationships have been established before using our tools and scripts.

Step 1 - Sign-up with Affiliate Networks
Using the links from our Affiliate Networks page, each affiliate need to have a healthy active relationship with ALL affiliate networks in which merchants are participating at.
After you sign-up and get your account activated at the affiliate network you need to save your Affiliate Site IDs (CJ calls it PID, SAS calls it USER ID, etc.)
Enter your Affiliate Site IDs at your DFF affiliate control panel (ACP) > Login > Settings > Affiliate Site IDs.

Step 2 - Select Merchants / Store you would like to show products for
Unless you are creating a full blown shopping site for just comparing prices, you probably will not want to show products from ALL of our participating merchants. We recommend our affiliates to have a niche or theme for their site. For example, if your site reviews and talks about digital camera, you probably will select Ritz Camera, Tiger Direct, Best Buy and, but probably will NOT select

To select merchants you go to ACP > Login > Merchants (tab).

Again, keep in mind that you are just selecting merchants for our tools. You are NOT applying for the merchant's affiliate program. You must have relationship with the merchant you selected in order for you to receive commission.

Step 3 - Integrate DFF scripts using GET HTML
Before using DFF tools and scripts, we recommend you spend some time at GET HTML (tab) inside ACP. GET HTML is where you can test, preview and get the Javascript and PHP codes for whatever tool you would like to use. Please use the PREVIEW function to test the tool before copy-and-pasting the code to your web server.

Step 4 - Test and Learn
DFF is a thriving on going project for the affiliate marketing community. We are a young company started in June 15, 2006. DFF tools are considered the most advanced and best datafeed integration tool ever, but our work and progress is far for finish. We need your help to test, suggest and promote DFF to merchants and other affiliates.

Step 5 - Read our Wiki Documentation + Open Source Code Examples
This last step is probably the most important step. Creating a good price comparison shopping or even a niche comparison shopping is not an easy task. DFF have many shopping tools and tons of features. It is difficult to digest all the information all at the same time. But it is worth spending a few hours reading through our Wiki Documentation and try to install some DFF source code from Open Source Code Example Wiki.
Do not skip this step, trust me, every minute you spend reading our documentation will save you much more time in the future.

Getting help and reporting issues
Within your ACP we have provided a Support Ticket System. Please use this Support Ticket System for reporting problems. We do record and try to re-use previously solved issues to help guide future affiliates.