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List of Benefits for Merchants / Online Stores / Affiliate Managers

By participating with DFF, your Affiliate Program will be listed on where thousands of potential affiliates will find and apply for your program.

DFF is a very targeted web site. Most of DFF visitors are affiliates, affiliate managers and affiliate consultants. Be part of the action, make sure your affiliate program is listed at and let all your affiliates know about

If you are active in the affiliate industry, DFF recommends our custom / private label Merchant Affiliate Site (MAS) program. DFF will prepare a custom web site for your affiliates to utilize, download data feed, create banners, create links, create search page, create shop by brand page, create shop by category page and more. DFF also have the capability to use merchant’s private domain name.

MAS page can be fully customized using your logo, banners, look and feel. Our domain mapping capability allow seamless integration to your current main website.

DFF can help you generate different formats and versions of your data feed file. You simply upload one of your best data feed to DFF, we can convert and provide your data feed in CSV, XML, TAB and XLS formats.

Another benefit of DFF's data feed download capability towards affiliates is to be able to download aggregated data feed from multiple merchants from 1 single file.

DFF can help you distribute your data feed file by using our FTP and HTTP server to allow your advertisers and affiliates to download the data feed file that best suit their need. FTP and HTTP download can be controlled from web based user access control system.

By using our human edited database with millions of products and pictures, we can quickly help you improve your data feed file with product data improvements, UPC matching and categorization.

This service is called DISS which stands for Data Improvement Service Suggestion. It works by analyzing your data and offering suggestions and analytical reporting to update your main database.

DISS is an optional service, its pricing can be found at your Merchant Control Panel (MCP) under Setttings > Upgrade Account.

DFF provides detail reports about the performance of your affiliate program at Our server logs impressions, click-throughs, type of advertisement, IP address, client user-agent and date time stamp.

Here is a list of reports DFF provides for Merchants:

  1. Affiliate summary report
  2. Affiliate performance report
  3. Product performance report
  4. CPC tracking ROI report

Merchants who have upgraded their account to Sponsored Merchant program will be provided with their own private forum.

Using this forum merchant affiliate manager can post new, communicate freely with affiliates and answer frequently asked questions.

DFF also provide a blog in addition to a Forum to broadcast news about your affiliate program.

There seems to be no consistency or standard of how merchant distribute special deals, coupon codes and rebates. DFF would like to set the standard and provide the capability for merchants to upload deals using whatever proprietary format then convert it to one uniform format any affiliate can download from DFF.

DFF also offers 1 line javascript tool to display coupon codes for specific merchant only or by category.

DFF understands how important it is to keep your affiliates informed and happy. We have created this emailing system for merchants to broadcast news, alerts, products, etc.

Communication between affiliate and merchant are also done using this emailing system to ensure all dialogs are recorded and maybe looked up for up to 1 year.

One of the biggest challenge for most affiliates is to provide a good web site with good functionality. Most affiliate sites do a pretty good job providing their niche content but have a difficult time connecting a good shopping tool or price comparison engine.

DFF finally has the right solution, DFF’s price comparison search engine allows any affiliate to integrate a fully functional price comparison search engine with only 1 line of javascript code. DFF’s price comparison search engine can be set to include all merchants, all categories, all affiliate network or can be limited to certain merchants only, certain categories only or certain affiliate network only.

Coming Soon

Search engine / organic search are very important for any affiliates. Unfortunately Google and Yahoo has made significant efforts trying to delete many affiliate related content. Due to this issue, we recommend Merchants to promote to their affiliates to use tools and service which are SEO friendly.

Currently 3 services from DFF are SEO friendly:

  1. XML web services
  2. PHP remote php execution

Please see our Example Site for more information.

Most affiliates’ web site have limited space they would like to reserve for Ads, banners and links. DFF can help you promote your products better by using our Shopping Banners. By allowing affiliates to use standard banner sizes such as Leaderboard (728x90), Horizontal Banner (468x60), Rectangles, Wide Skyscrapper, etc.

By providing all possible banner sizes and attrative creatives your affiliates will be more willing to use your banner and show your products on their site.

Help your affiliates sell more by giving them the right tools. Our shopping tools are easy to use and very flexible. We provide all levels of tools for both beginners and advanced programmers. The idea is to save them time programming so they can concentrate on creating better unique content on their web site, while displaying your products and services better. Give your affiliates the capability to Shop using a Product Search Engine, Shop by Category, Shop by Brand and True Price Comparison capability.

Also see: Merchant FAQ | Affiliate Benefits Suggest New Feature