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Merchants FAQ - Merchants Frequently Asked Questions

No, there are No Costs and No Setup Fees. Any merchant can participate at for free. However we reserve the right to use the Shared Commission Click-through when displaying any merchant who does not pay DFF directly for this service. This method is called the Shared Commission Plan.

If you do not want your product links or click-through being replaced using the Shared Commission plan you can compensate a small monthly service fee. The amount of monthly service fee depends on the number of products contained inside the merchant's data feed file. Using this plan would promote larger affiliate recruitment and allow your affiliates to earn more money. This method is called the Sponsored Merchant Plan.

Click here to use our Sponsored Merchant Service Fee Calculator to upgrade to a Free Merchant plan.

DFF can also provide multi-format data feed file download HTTP / FTP (for affiliates) with user access control for additional fee of:

  • $20 for up to 1,000 products
  • $30 for up to 5,000 products
  • $50 for up to 10,000 products
  • $80 for up to 50,000 products
  • $100 for up to 100,000 products
  • $200 for up to 500,000 products
  • $300 for 1,000,000 products or more

DFF will also provide Data Improvement Suggestions Service (DISS) for an additional fee (coming soon).
For more information about Merchant services pricing, please login to your Merchant Control Panel (MCP)  Settings > Upgrade Account.

Yes. provides several traffic and performance reports inside your Merchant Control Panel (MCP). can provide impression logs and click-through reports.

We log every impression and click-through along with its IP address, client user-agent, product being viewed, advertisement being viewed and date time stamp.

Yes. Each merchant has the flexibility to review each affiliate first before allowing them to use DFF service or each merchant can set to approve all affiliates automatically.

Merchants can set this manual / automatic approval setting inside Merchant Control Panel (MCP)  Setting > Account Setting.

Yes, once logged into your DFF Merchant Control Panel (MCP), you can see a list of Approved, Pending and Disapproved affiliates. By clicking "Contact Affiliate" you can communicate directly to our mutual affiliates.
DFF do not and will not share affiliates' email address and/or phone number for respect of their privacy and also to abide with our strict Privacy Policy.

All merchants are required to abide by the following terms and conditions while contacting our mutual affiliates:
  1. Not to send message advertising about other services similar / competing against
  2. Not to send messages containing profanity, pornography and/or vulgar language
  3. Agree that DFF reserves the right to log, monitor and filter message we feel inappropriate

No, does not pay your affiliates nor manage your affiliate program.

DFF simply help your affiliates become better affiliates.

Unless you have your own affiliate network (in-house affiliate program) like Amazon Associates program for example, payments issued to affiliates are done by your affiliate networks.

Yes, every participating merchant can setup their own customized how-to or instructional page for affiliates.
We call this informational page the Merchant Affiliate Site (MAS).

We encourage merchants to link to this page to provide instant and easy to use information about available tools and services.

All merchants participating in DFF will have their own Merchant Affiliate Site (MAS), but only Sponsored Merchant will have customizable and domain mapable Merchant Affiliate Site (MAS).

Merchant Affiliate Site (MAS) are fully customizable for its look, feel and functionality.
We also support domain name mapping if you are interested to map or point one of your sub-domain to our server.

For example: or can be pointed to one of our servers.

This makes the URL and page transition seamless between your website and your how-to page.

Standard MAS URL has the following format:<merchant name>-<merchant number>


DISS or Data Improvement Service will provide a good analytical and comparison between your data feed against our internal product database. We will report any possible improvements you can update into your database. We can provide this report in a data feed update file back to you.

DISS will save hundreds of human hours monthly to maintain your products and enter new products.

To see our DISS service fee, login to your Merchant Control Panel (MCP) and go to Settings > Upgrade Account.

You can see the number of affiliates currently using your data feed by:
  1. Login to your Merchant Control Panel
  2. Navigate to Affiliates > Approved
  3. Look at the Total number of affiliates Affiliated at the bottom left corner

To participate as a merchant simply fill out Online Merchant Sign-Up Form.

Make sure you leave day time phone number and valid email address. One of our staff will contact you to discuss our services and your needs.

Keep in mind we have 2 merchant plans, first the Shared Commission plan and second the Sponsored Merchant Plan.

Shared Commission simply means your service is free of charge. DFF will be compensated by substituting every affiliate's 4th click-through with our Affiliate Site ID. Therefore in theory the affiliates will earn 75% commission and DFF will earn 25%.

Sponsored Merchant Plan means your data feed at DFF will be completely free for your affiliates. Your data links will never be substituted for all affiliates. Instead merchants simply compensate DFF a small monthly fee. Upgrading your account to Sponsored Merchants Plan will increase affiliate recruitment and generate more sales.

DFF can also provide multi-format aggregated data feed file download HTTP / FTP for affiliates with access control for additional fee. is an awesome tool that could instantly increase your business. With any great tools, it is useless when it is not used. We encourage all merchants to broadcast using emails, phone calls or snail mails to all their affiliates about tools they can use at

DFF has provided some free to use graphics, banners and text links for at our Link to Us page.

DFF encourage all merchants to review, critique and offer suggestions to improve their data quality.

Viewing your data the way your affiliates display them on their website is best. To do so just login into your Merchant Control Panel > Affiliates > Approved, then click on the affiliates' website URL.

Another way to review your products is to view them using DFF Product SKU finder. You can input your Merchant Number (mernum) into the Product SKU finder to see ONLY your products. If you do not know your Merchant Number, you must use our mernum finder.

Once you have your mernum, you can simply add this parameter '?mernum=<your mernum>' at the end of the DFF Product SKU finder URL. Example:  where 6391 is the mernum for TigerDirect.

Please let us know how we can help you improve your data feed by using our Contact Support Form. You may also want to consider using our Data Improvement Suggestion Service (DISS).

The best way to describe the Shared Commission 4th click replacement engine is to imagine
a sequential click-through counter which resets every time it reaches 5 back to 1 and perform substitution every time it reached counter # 4.

We do not count based on per merchant session but per affiliate session.

For example let's say there is an affiliate site called

1. 1st visitor goes to and click on (DFF server increase the counter to 1)
2. 2nd visitor goes to and click on (DFF server increase the counter to 2)
3. 1st visitor still at clicks on (DFF server increase the counter to 3)
4. 3rd visitor goes to and click on (SHARED MERCHANT) (DFF server does not increase counter, stays at 3)
5. 2nd visitor still at clicks on (DFF server increase the counter to 4 + substitute DFF's affiliate ID for this click-through)
6. 4th visitor goes to and click on (DFF server resets counter back to 1) provides the following beneficial service for online merchants:
  • Upload only one data feed to DFF for thousands of affiliates
  • Keep affiliates updated instantly
  • Make your data feed immediately usable
  • Attract and recruit more affiliates
  • Generate more traffic, conversion and sales from affiliates
  • Your data feed will be normalized and categorized for all affiliates
  • Provide customized How-to web page for affiliates called Merchant Affiliate Site (MAS)
  • Detailed reporting and analytics
  • Provide multi-format data feed file download HTTP / FTP with access control. (additional fee)
  • Select between Shared Commission or Sponsored Merchant Plan. (additional fee)
  • Data Improvement Suggestions Service for additional. (additional fee)
For more information about our Merchant Services and its pricing, go to Merchant Control Panel (MCP)  Settings > Upgrade Account.

Many merchants demonstrated using our services have not acknowledged their participation with DFF. These merchants are considered as prospects and DFF can not display their store logo and name publicly. However if you are logged in as DFF affiliates, you will see all DFF prospect merchants. Affiliates can still select and use prospect merchant data feed at DFF. All prospect merchants are the same as Shared Commission, DFF simply can not display them to the public.

Due to the popularity and demand for our services we are doing everything we can to try to communicate by phone or email towards the affiliate managers.

We have color coded our merchants using the following colors for clarification:
- Gray (prospect - not recognized by affiliate manager, but you can still select and use)
- Red (active - affiliate need approval)
- Blue (active - affiliate auto approved)
- Orange (active - selected + pending approval)
- Green (active - selected + affiliate has been approved)

If the merchant you are interested in is a Prospect, you can help us notify the affiliate manager about the benefits of using DFF.

If you are a merchant and would like to activate and acknowledge your participation, please Send us a message or call 281-808-3698. Merchant Services Pricing:
  • Product listing using Shared Commission Plan (FREE).
  • Product listing using Sponsored Merchant Plan:
    Monthly service free for Sponsored Merchants depends on the number of records contained imported into our database servers.
    Please use our Sponsored Merchant monthly service fee calculator.
  • Multi-format and aggregated data feed file download HTTP / FTP for affiliates with access control:

    • $20 for up to 1,000 products
    • $30 for up to 5,000 products
    • $50 for up to 10,000 products
    • $80 for up to 50,000 products
    • $100 for up to 100,000 products
    • $200 for up to 500,000 products
    • $300 for 1,000,000 products or more
For more information about service fees not discussed here, just contact us using our Contact Form. can provides a multi-format data feed file download service with user access control capability using both FTP and HTTP protocols. The difference between DFF's data feed file download service from others is that we aggregate the data feeds from all the merchants selected by the affiliate to be downloaded at the same time into 1 single file with 1 single selected format.

Merchants will have full control over the ACL (access control list) to determine which affiliate may or may not receive their data feed.

Aggregated data feed download is a separate service for merchants with additional fee of (unlimited # of subscribers):
  • $20 for up to 1,000 products
  • $30 for up to 5,000 products
  • $50 for up to 10,000 products
  • $80 for up to 50,000 products
  • $100 for up to 100,000 products
  • $200 for up to 500,000 products
  • $300 for 1,000,000 products or more.

Shared Commission is a way for merchant to participate for free. DFF will be paid by sharing commission with affiliate. Click here to read more about How Shared Commission work.

Sponsored Merchant plan allow any merchant to pay for DFF services therefore eliminating the Shared Commission. Using Sponsored Merchant DFF will not share commission with affiliate. DFF service will be completely free for affiliates.  Click here to see Sponsored Merchant Pricing. usually obtain merchants' data feed from their appropriate affiliate networks. However we can routinely download or you can routinely upload your data feed to our server directly. Merchant can set their data feed file transfer option from their Merchant Control Panel > Data Feed > Upload to DFF.

We are always looking for better quality data feed file (more detail and more information is better).
If you feel you can provide a better data feed file than the one DFF is currently using, please Contact our Merchant Support.

For information about which type of data feed file formats we support, read this Merchant FAQ Topic:
Which data feed file formats do we support? doe not and will not share your raw data feed file to any affiliate unless otherwise instructed by you (the merchant) or authorized affiliate manager. Even using DFF's multi-format and aggregated data feed delivery program the merchant has full control to allow or disallow any particular affiliate.

All data used for providing search results, product browsing and price comparing are stored and hosted directly from's servers.

Neither Merchants nor Affiliates need to add any additional computer hardware to benefit from DFF. supports any kind and any format of data feed file you can give us. File format and file type is not important. What is important is the quality of data contained inside the file.

We do not require but we strongly recommend having data feeds with UPC or EAN (Europe) information.
We also strongly recommend having data feed files with separate Manufacturer Name and Manufacturer Part Number fields.

If you have separate data feed file for Rebates, Coupons or Special Deals, we also would like to receive this information.
Rebates, Coupons or Special Deals information can be included with the main data feed file or contained separately. supports the following automated data feed file transfer methods:
  • DFF will download from Affiliate Network's data source
  • DFF will download from a particular HTTP address
  • DFF will download from a particular HTTP address with HTTP password protection
  • DFF will download from a particular FTP server with user ID, password and file path
  • Merchant will upload to our FTP server using user ID and password
It is important that we receive ROUTINE updates of your data feed file.

You bet!

DFF affiliates do not think small anymore. Most of our affiliates are looking forward to deliver multiple merchants content and multiple income streams. Many experienced affiliates and affiliate managers know more affiliates and more income streams mean better results.

What does this mean to you as the merchant? More and more affiliates will sign-up for your program. Of course it is still up to you whether you would approve those new affiliates at whatever Affiliate Network is tracking your affiliate program.

We believe by participating with DFF's service and having your products listed by potentially thousands of affiliates websites would not effect your current ranking or position because we use Javascript technology.

Javascripts inside an HTML or any webpage needs to be executed by the client (browser) to show its output or content. Due to the fact search engine robots do not execute nor pull the results from Javascripts, product information will only show in internet browsers but NOT for robots. Meaning merchants product data will never be indexed, cached or crawled by any search engine robots. Therefore you have no worry of competing against your affiliates for similar keywords.

On the other hand, you should remember that affiliates may display your products and links directly to your website by using our XML data service. DFF XML web services allow affiliates to take raw data and decide how to display them. The end result is SEO and search engine friendly website.

No, we do not believe DFF drives affiliates to buy or bid more PPC keywords. DFF tools will improve affiliates' website and improve conversion. What affiliates will do to attract new visitors are up to them. can not stop affiliates from bidding for pay-per-click keywords that may affect your company's marketing efforts. Due to the fact that each affiliate must apply for the Merchant's affiliate program at their respective affiliate network, we believe the merchant's agreement (terms and conditions) agreed there would have covered the disallowing of affiliates to compete against merchants bidding for similar keywords at search keyword PPC programs such as Google Adwords, Overture and Miva.

Also see: Merchant Benefits | Affiliates Frequenty Asked Questions Ask question not answered here