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Join DFF | Tell Your Friend | Bookmark Us Site Map (DFF) is a very robust and powerful web site development tool for affiliates. There are many tools and scripts developed by DFF which serves as small piece of the puzzle to create a full web site. DFF also provide Menu (Categories menu, Stores menu and Rebates,Coupons,Deals menu) to help connect the pieces of tools together.

DFF affiliate tools can be complicated and simple at the same time, it really depends of how much customization the webmaster is trying to develop.

DFF has been blessed with strong support and demand from the affiliate industry to pursue our mission. Since our first day on June 15 2006, DFF web site has grown and our tools also have increase in numbers and flexibility. We believe it is useful to provide a Site Map to help our affiliates and merchants to navigate through DFF web site better.

General Web Pages
:: home page
:: Examples of Affiliate DataFeed tools
:: Official Example Website
:: List of Merchants participating at
    - List of Sponsored Merchants
    - List of Shared Commission Merchants
    - List of Prospect Merchants
:: Affiliate Networks participating with DFF in United States
:: Independent / InHouse affiliate programs participating with DFF in United States
:: Forum open discussion about DataFeed File tools
:: Daily Blog and News about DataFeed File tools
:: Wiki Documentation for DataFeed File tools
:: Documentation for DataFeed File tools
:: Knowledgebase for DataFeed File tools
:: Plug-Ins for 3rd party web apps for DataFeed File tools
:: About Us
:: Contact Us
:: Link to Us
:: In the News
:: Testimonials
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:: Press Release
:: Terms and Conditions
:: Privacy Policy
:: Disclaimer

:: United Kingdom & Europe territory web site

Merchants Related Web Pages
:: Merchants FAQ - frequenty asked questions
:: Merchants Benefits for using DataFeed file tools and scripts
:: Merchant Sign-up application for DataFeed file tools
:: Merchant Quick Start Guide

Affiliates Related Web Pages
:: Affiliates FAQ - frequenty asked questions
:: Affiliates Benefits for using DataFeed file tools and scripts
:: Joining as an Affiliate explanation
:: Affiliate Sign-up application for DataFeed file tools
:: Affiliates Quick Start Guide

DataFeed Affiliate Tools and Scripts web pages
:: Examples of different types of tools and scripts:
    - Price Search Engine (javascript, php, xml)
    - Product Price Comparison (javascript, php, xml)
    - Shop by Store (javascript, php, xml)
    - Shop by Brand (javascript, php, xml)
    - Shop by Category (javascript, php, xml)
    - Rebates, Coupons, Deals (javascript, php, xml)
    - Category List Menu (javascript, php, xml)
    - Stores List Menu (javascript, php, xml)
    - Rebates, Coupons, Deals List Menu (javascript, php, xml)
    - Banners: Product Price Comparison (javascript)
    - Banners: Merchant Product Banner (javascript)
    - Banners: Advertisement Banner Rotator (javascript)
:: Plug-ins and 3rd party software web application support:
    - Wordpress Blog (download | documentation | license)
    - Serendipity Blog (download | documentation | license)
   .:. List of all DataFeed tools plug-ins...
:: Documentation for DFF tools and Knowledgebase:
    - Wiki Documentation -
    - Documentation project - (deprecated)
    - Knowledgebase -
    - Forum Open Discussion -

Shareware PAD (Portable Application Description) file compliance
    - PAD XML file (
    - PAD HTML information page (pad_file.htm)