Custom Software Development specializes in Custom Software Development.  We can help you create a software to manage and operate your business.  Typically we recommend for you to use off-the-shelf software before developing your own customer software. However we are happy to consult with you if you feel you have a need for a custom software.

We make custom tailored software

Data Feed Processing

As our company name says. We are We are data feed experts and can help you with any aspects of data feed from creation, management and questions.

Custom Business Software

Our team of programmers and designers specializes in developing custom software to solve business problems. We have over 20 years experience in custom software.

API Framework

Along side with providing data feed and custom business software, we often create an API for self consumption or to allow 3rd parties to access our clients' app database.

Database Intensive App

Many of our projects are database intensive often with millions to billions of records. We are familiar with SQL, No-SQL, Full-Text Search, etc..

AI : Computer Vision / Machine Learning

We have 15+ years experience in image processing. Static and motion image processing including CV (Computer Vision), ML (Machine Learning) and general AI (Artificial Intelligence). 

Embedded System Programming

Need integration between on-site / job-site data collection and your cloud servers? We have experience to create custom hardware and software solutions with custom edge hardware such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP 32, etc... 

Private Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud technologies are great. But spending thousands of dollars per month on Amazon AWS may not be smart. Unless you need deliver content on the edge. You probably can benefit from deploying your own private cloud infrastructure at your own data center.

Our Clients

We are blessed to be working with ...
B&H Photo and Video

New York, New York
since 2009

ICO Texas

Sugar Land, Texas
since 1998

Fila Energy

Houston & Midland, Texas
since 2022

Books Window

Houston, Texas
since 1995


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